Conserve intactness of ecosystem and diversity of wildlife in this ecosphere

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Prof. Tej Kumar Shrestha
Ph.D., D.Sc., CBiol., FIBiol.,
F.L.S. (London)

Tej Kumar Shrestha was born in Baglung, Dhaulagiri Zone, Nepal. He initially learned his ornithology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Bhopal University, India and at University of Arkansas...

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Encounter with the Himalayan wildlife

Tej Kumar Shrestha

Nepal has a rich and varied landscape flora and fauna, having affinities with those of the Himalayan regions. Many plants and animals still bear suffix nipalensis as type locality which typifies the glory of Nepal and its biodiversity. Nepal's Spiny babbler Turdoides nipalensis is a herald of spring in the native thickets of Nepal. Still flourishing in the natural wilds of Nepal are freshwater eels, mahseers, Gangetic dolphins and many other beautiful animals and colourful birds. These wild biota amid the wild places they inhabit are not only important as a source or wonder and inspiration, but are an integral part of national resources.

The present book vividly presents facets of natural history, defines the intrinsic issues at stake and eloquently pleads for a rational conservation strategy for keeping mountains in harmony with nature. Original photographs included in the text are taken by the author himself which enhance high quality of the book.

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