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Prof. Tej Kumar Shrestha
Ph.D., D.Sc., CBiol., FIBiol.,
F.L.S. (London)

Tej Kumar Shrestha was born in Baglung, Dhaulagiri Zone, Nepal. He initially learned his ornithology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Bhopal University, India and at University of Arkansas...

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Fish Catching in the Himalayan Waters of Nepal

Tej Kumar Shrestha

The book gives a vivid account of design parameter of interesting traditional fishing methods and gears that have been vogue in Nepal. It deals with chronicle of catch decline in Himalayan waters. World of fishes in Himalayas, cultural taboos and their human pursuers is well featured in the book.

This is the first authentic book on fish catching in the Himalayan Waters which introduces unique visual interaction between man and fish in Nepal. It is an invaluable primer for all anglers and fishery scientists. The book provides absorbing often amusing reading for all concerned. It is, in fact, both an authoritative guide for use as teaching and research manual and an excellent work of reference. The fishing methods and gears employed by the fishermen of Nepal are varied and doubtlessly the outcome of tradition and, possibly, the result of long years of trials for perfection.

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