Conserve intactness of ecosystem and diversity of wildlife in this ecosphere

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Prof. Tej Kumar Shrestha
Ph.D., D.Sc., CBiol., FIBiol.,
F.L.S. (London)

Tej Kumar Shrestha was born in Baglung, Dhaulagiri Zone, Nepal. He initially learned his ornithology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Bhopal University, India and at University of Arkansas...

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A Pictorial Exposition of the Natural History of Himalayan Wilderness

Tej Kumar Shrestha

Plants and animals are inseparable part of wild nature. Their importance to human life is well-known since the time immemorial. A book on wild flowers, trees and animals and their relationship has been long felt. The proposed book on Himalayan wildlife will prove to useful pictorial guide for the identification of plants and animals likely to be seen on the lap of Himalayas. Further, the book will acquaint the readers untouched and hidden aspects of natural history of most bizarre mammals, birds, bats, butterflies and insects visiting trees and flowers. Many of these Himalayan wildlife are ignored by current international conservation efforts. Furthermore, this book may provide impulses for conservation and management of Himalayan rare plants and animals beyond Nepal, particularly in the Himalayan areas of India, Pakistan and Bhutan in general. Therefore opportunity is taken to write this book. It is hoped that this book will help for quick identification of plants and animals along trekking routes of Himalayan forests.

Book contains Preliminary

pages= 6 Pages
Colour Photographs Pages =160 Pages (528 Photographs)
Illustration Maps=8
Pages Text=154 Pages
B/W photographs=4 pages (7 Photographs)
Total=332 Pages
Size of book Length = 18 cm
Breadth= 12.2 cm

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