Conserve intactness of ecosystem and diversity of wildlife in this ecosphere

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Prof. Tej Kumar Shrestha
Ph.D., D.Sc., CBiol., FIBiol.,
F.L.S. (London)

Tej Kumar Shrestha was born in Baglung, Dhaulagiri Zone, Nepal. He initially learned his ornithology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Bhopal University, India and at University of Arkansas...

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Ichthyology of Nepal

Tej Kumar Shrestha

This book provides extensive compilation of the pattern of fish diversity in the Himalayan waters of Nepal. It provides an excellent scientific introduction to world’s little known vanishing Ichthyofauna. Set in organized format and very readable text, supplemented with numerous outstanding rare color images never seen before .It is much needed taxonomic aid complete with keys, diagnostic criteria & illustrated descriptions for identification of fish. The author frankly presents river fish issues to planners and developers. All 232 species of fishes are described and illustrated, having numerous outdoor underwater photographs to identify fishes. It also contains compendium of information on fish ecology and behavior. A rare book which can convey the excitement of fish diversity exploration in Himalayas. The purpose of the book is to bring fascinating information to fish watchers, aquarists, and anglers who share enthusiasm and delight in the development of recreational fisheries in ice cold waters of Himalaya. Besides this book present first hand information of species diversity, number, composition and status of fish species found in major ecological hotspots of Nepal. It is a useful field guide to fishery scientists & managers of beyond Nepal (India, Pakistan, Bhutan).

This publication is being brought about by Nepalese publisher with support of Chester Zoo, North of England Zoological Society. The book features colourful photographs of all fishes of Nepal and text covering full description of each species.

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