Conserve intactness of ecosystem and diversity of wildlife in this ecosphere

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Prof. Tej Kumar Shrestha
Ph.D., D.Sc., CBiol., FIBiol.,
F.L.S. (London)

Tej Kumar Shrestha was born in Baglung, Dhaulagiri Zone, Nepal. He initially learned his ornithology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Bhopal University, India and at University of Arkansas...

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The Mahseer

Tej Kumar Shrestha

Mahseer are the superior mountain river game fish of International importance. These fishes have unique character of returning every year in a small crystal clear creek for the spawning. The comprehensive work on Golden Mahseer should awaken interest in fish even in persons who are not aware of the great struggle now being fought for conservation. The book describes life of the Mahseer in the Himalayan waters of Nepal and explores many facets of life of the Mahseer with real photographic details for the first time. The description shows the beauty and grace of the denizen of the Himalayan waterfronts offering a panoramic view of its life little known so far.

The account on Golden Mahseer a superior game fish on Nepal - will create interest in readers and also disappointment. The running water courses of Nepal are ever changing due to the barrier effects of dams. Mahseers, as a consequence are endangered by the growing water use, pollution and anglers greed. It is an irreparable loss for the world. Nepal must look ahead and act while there is still hope. We have saved tiger, rhinos and elephants. Further this monograph adds new scientific knowledge on the ecology, behaviour and scientific propagation of the Mahseer and help to spread sympathy and appreciation for the conservation of rare and endangered fish.

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